Hammersley Waves by everlookphotography

Spa Pool

I better upload a few of Marianne’s images lol. This one was one of her ‘blinded’ images that she took at Spa Pool where she banned herself from looking at any images from the location before going there (she stays off social media much more than me!) Interesting that the composition of this one is pretty similar to the ‘standard’

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Eye to Eye by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys 🙂

This shot was taken back in 2014 in the famous Karajini National Park.

Full of some of the most beautiful gorges and waterfalls you’ll ever see with veins of red and blue running through the rocks it can make for a visual feast.

What is difficult is trying to put your own spin on some of the very shot spots, I always enjoy this immensely as it really does make you put your thinking cap on and try something new.

I climbed the rock face to the right of the Spa Pool and carefully set my tripod up looking down into the eye of this ancient Spa Pool.

It almost looks like it’s staring right back at me and I was happy to come back with a different perspective.

I have just had a little tweak n play with this image recently and thought I’d share again.

Apologies to many of my Milky Way followers, I’ve been busy doing some other works lately that have been a little less 500px friendly but in doing this I did come away with placing in the top 3 of the landscape photographer of the year awards for Western Australia, I was really stoked and now that’s almost all done and dusted for the year I’m heading back out into our amazing state hunting some dark skies very soon 🙂


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Spa Pool by MiekeBoynton

© Mieke Boynton www.miekeboynton.com / http://ift.tt/1x6sgxy

Spa Pool in Hamersley Gorge (Minhthukundi) is a waterfall that sort of invites photographers to have a field day in photoshop and ‘brighten’ the colours of the water and the amazing red-and-blue rock walls. I do enjoy those photos… but part of me feels that a place as beautiful as this also deserves to be shown in its ‘real’ colours – it is so beautiful as it is. So this photo might not be as speccy as what you’ll see if you do a search in Google Images for “spa pool karijini”… but sometimes I think a place should be able to ‘speak for itself’ occasionally…

If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a place that catches the sun early and loses the sun late, so if you want the best chance to photograph it, you sort of need to get there before sunrise or stay until after sunset. I went in with a torch before sunrise for two mornings in a row and spent some peaceful hours there…

Nikon D800 + Zeiss 21mm
ISO 100 • f/8 • 93sec • 21mm

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