The perfect moment by myst1cal


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I just got back from my recent Norway trip and that’s my first work…
The whole thing didn’t seem to start that well because we really got out of luck with the weather..
almost 24/7 with lots of rain and no snow at all ūüė¶ but everyone knows.. you need to try and try and maybe.. if you’re lucky enough you got that really special moment..
but yea.. this one’s from the morning we had to head back to the airport for our flight back to switzerland.. as you guys can see.. finally all the rain turned into snow..
5 minutes before i took this panorama the weather was totally crap.. you could barely see the street in front of you… but we decided to try it anyway.. and holy sh** thank god we did!
suddenly the sky behind me turned into a shiny multicolored thing and the sky in front of me just went really gloomy. the setting moon was just perfect behind the mountains to give a little light into this really dark scene..
I just had to do a 360¬į Panorama to roughly catch this moment.

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Spaceship Blues by janneka

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This is the mount Olstinden from Lofoten islands. I took a long exposure of 45 seconds to blur the water and low clouds to give this a dreamy feel. Usually I hate the blue color cast the ‘Lee Big Stopper’ filter produces but here I think it worked out quite nicely. Also the way the haze in the background separates the mountain from it’s surroundings looked cool to me!

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Admiring the Show by janneka

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A panoramic self portrait taken from my favorite spot in Lofoten islands with Kjerkfjorden on the left and triangle-shaped mount Olstinden in the center. I took this with the camera’s inbuilt 10s timer so I was in a rush to run into the frame as the rocks were quite slippery after an intense downpour about one hour earlier.

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Dipping in Colors by janneka

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This is the mighty Olstinden that is the landmark of Reine in Lofoten islands. This mountain has many faces as it can be photographed from several angles around Reine and it appears in most of my images from Lofoten.

I used a bunch of filters here, the Little Stopper to smooth the water, gradual ND to darken the sky and a circular polarizer to get the emerald colors of the bottom to show. I thought this created a nice color shift from green to warmer tones in the horizon.

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Daybreak by lolloriva

Did I mention already that during my last visit to Lofoten this summer I was even too lucky? In 4 days spent there I hardly saw a cloud in the sky which is not bad but of course not the best conditions for photography ….
This is a classic view of Hamn√łya Island with its picturesque red cabins. While I was driving around to look for a good spot after sunrise was over I really liked this very strong golden backlight so I stopped to take a shot. I know, conditions are rather far to be spectacular but I hope you like it anyway.

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Hard times in Sakrisoy by PeteBondurant

Someone could say that a cloudy day is not so good for photography, but I think that a dark, heavy sky is even better then a sunny one.

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