Calcolestes Portrait by Ringhio

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Canon 6D – Canon MP-E 65 – 1/320 – F6,3 – ISO 1600 – Natural light – Focus Stacking handheld 18 shots

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Like a boss ! by Zahran_CR

Common Kestrel from Pakistan.

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Rainbow Dream … by Yannick_Lefevre

Impressive full Rainbow & Storm at the same time ….. Crazy weather !!!!!
But so good to see

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“The Lighthouse in the city Skagen in Denmark,,captured Bathing in the fantastic colors of autumn/fall*
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Mantis – Iris Oratoria by Ringhio

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Canon 6D – Canon MP-E 65 – 1/250 – F7,1 – ISO 1600 – 2X – Natural light
Focus Stacking handheld 12 shots

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Life and beyond… by SanhitaBanerjee

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A long exposure shot handheld from a moving I did not have a tripod with me…

Mahakarnika Ghat of the city of Varanasi in the background…this is a re-upload and this is the colour version.

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