Beyond by huskershoe


After observing the promising skies, I decided to go check out Mala Pier for sunset as it’s been on the list and left totally in awe of what just happened for a few brief moments. The most challenging thing about photographing a sunset here in Hawaii is catching it at it’s peak. Due to our location, the sunsets are very quick, vibrant, and colors can be very intense! There is literally a major difference in images spaced just 20 seconds apart, so catching that perfect moment at a spot is what it’s all about. This, is one of those moments……. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Andrew Shoemaker Photography!


Nikon D810
2.5 sec @ f/16 ISO 31
Nikon 14-24 @ 14mm

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The Battle Between Light and Darkness by RyanBuchanan

This evening in Hawaii, after walking forever along the shore, I came across some interesting rocks with some brightly colored lichen growing on it. I decided to make my stand here, and glad I did. The tide was just right to get some nice movement in the water as it surged up to my little rock perch. The sky exploded with the most beautiful sunset. I took a few shots to capture various water movements and blended that foreground shot in with my sky exposure taken a few seconds later. Thanks for looking and appreciate the feedback.

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Deep Water Coastline by tomkualii

The Kona coastline is famous for its big game fishing on shore and off. Also for its beautiful sunsets and rocky coastline, its a great place to capture great images. Next time you are on the Big Island, look us up for our photography tours of our island. Aloha

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