Bandon Calling by eyeofalens

Bandon Calling
Seeing as I lost a SD card on my recent trip that pretty much had all my seascapes on it, id figured id dig in & experiement a little on the plethora of Bandon images that I’ve not processed & experiment a little with a few tricks
Would go back here in a heart beat..don’t know if ill ever see light like this again.

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Buttermere Reflections! by ashgerrardphoto

This is an image that I have been after for nearly 2 years (since I first got bit by the bug for landscape photography)!!

I’ve visited this spot on numerous occasions and have travelled thousands of miles and never had decent conditions until this day, when for maybe 3-4 minutes everything was absolutely perfect!!

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Sun Dial by eyeofalens

Please Pop Sun Dial on Black ….geees I wish they offered Grey on here

Sun Dial
This leading Bandon monolith acting as a sundial.
It was pretty much around this time I new something special was going to kick in once that sun hit the horizon, it did not disappoint!

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