Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) by EtienneOosthuizen


Caught these two bulls on the side of the herd busy fighting, it started lightly but soon turned rather aggressive, the backlit dust helps create a wonder full mood of intensity

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Tales of Autumn colors童话元阳 by FacechooYong

Picture of Yuanyang rice terraces with women in traditional costume carried heavy load of firewood walking towards a hut in the cold evening.
long walk is a common way to reach home.Firewood will be the source of heat for the long
cold night.

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Layers by WarrenKeelan

Layers //
Watching the ocean fold over an unforgiving, shallow reef below. Eyes wide open, feeling alive!
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Let Me Lay My Head Down by JaniceMarieMcgregor

The head of the flower was so heavy that it was laying in my birdbath. Opened so wide but the stem of the flower was bent in 3 spots from it being so top heavy! I loved that the seeds were showing so strong and the petals were so bright It still puts a smile on your face as if the first sign of the sun on a cold day.

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Connection by WarrenKeelan

Connection //
Energy connecting and about to explode over a shallow reef below. I am in awe of nature!

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