The Golden Mountain Great Wall by hub169

the great wall in Jinshanling(so called Golden Mountain ) , one of the most beautiful great wall in China, the rising sun deyed the grey wall to golden color…if you like photography, you like China, like history and landscapes in China, this is a must-go place …

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不到長城非好漢 by JulienFolcher

Sunset at the Badaling section of the great wall, near Beijing.

This is sort of an ethical challenge for me, I’ve been asking myself wether I should post this photo or not.
When going there yesterday I was hoping to get some nice autumn colors, even though it is still early in the season. Some tree already started to show some nice yellows and some trees around my apartment in the city already turned red.
So I went there, found my composition, took my photos, realized I didn’t bring enough clothes to stay after sunset and take some star trails, took the train back home and started editing my file. Turns out during the editing process I tried to shift the hue of the yellows in the trees toward the reds to enhance the autumn feel of the image.
The whole thing started to pop, all the colors came together in a much nicer way than the original one. All the warm tones in the foreground counter balance the cold dark greens in the mountains in the distance.
But I am not sure how I feel about that kind of radical change. Usually I try to only enhance existing elements in the scene. Please let me know your stance on this subject in the comments!

PS: The title is a quote from Mao meaning : who never climbed the great wall isn’t a hero

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The hills in the sunset by shanyewuyu_100

Yesterday sent a piece, many defects, and a lot of friends for advice, especially Mr Marc gave pertinent advice, change today, due to limited level, is not necessarily good, but I tried my best, apologized for attention to my friend yesterday, because I pulled the sheet, today again to send, thank you for your encouragement and support.

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