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Southern Highlands, Iceland, 29.06.15

Today I´ve got some super-amazing news for you! 🙂

I´m extremely excited and happy to announce my cooperation with one of my favorite Landscape photographers in Iceland, the amazing Iurie Belegurschi ( http://ift.tt/Y9OaWK ) and his Photo Tour company http://ift.tt/1I2ylRE ! 🙂

I´m going to support Iurie and his international team of amazing Photographers as Guide for Photography Workshops in Iceland!

In February 2016 I will co-guide two Workshops together Edwin Martinez ( http://ift.tt/1ww2dBL ), Canon Brand Ambassador and maybe the most famous landscape photographer from the Philippines.

14.02. – 21.02.2016 Winter Aurora Photo Workshop


(only 6 of 12 spots left!)

21.02.16 – 28.02.2016 Ice Cave and Northern Lights Winter Photography Tour


I´m honored to work with such amazing and inspiring photographers and are really looking forward to this amazing expericence!

If you like to join our arctic adventure feel free to click on the links above 🙂

Have a nice evening everybody!



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Sleeping giant by MartinKrajczy

An appearance does not have to be loud or powerful to leave a lasting impression. This vulcano impresses by its presence. It is one of the most active vulcanos of Iceland and they await the next eruption soon. This shot i staken after sunset close to the point of time its getting dark. Therefore you can see the blue color already on the dark silhouette of the vulcano. It was great driving back to the ranger station and being completly on my own in this awesome and silent landscape. This picture perfectly transfers the mood of the situation i was in at that point of time – pure silence.

This photo got an Bronze Award in the International Epson Pano Awards 2013

via 500px http://ift.tt/1OQcliu