Hidden in the Jungle by roberto_pazzi


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The Atlantis by danyeidphotography

How challenging to capture this view at one single exposure without applying any digital blending process here (since i don’t know how to do honestly smile emoticon. You have only one chance, when the tram pass during the blue hour.
Shot with Otus 28mm at f8 I 8 seconds i iso 100

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old paths by RudolfMoerkl

One thing that always caught my interest is walking along “old paths”, paths that humans used to walk for hundreds or thousands of years……asking myself, why they chose exactly that route…..well often the answer is quite simple, as it was the most easy way to go……but that’s not always the case……..

Happy New Year friends 🙂

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Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland by orxy

Famous Castle in Scottish Weather

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