Icelandic Horsepower by kossity

Wild horses in Landmannalaugar (central highlands of Iceland).

Icelandic Horses are one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. Horses were first brought ti Iceland by the Vikings who settled the country in the years 874-930.

Location: Landmannalaugar, Highlands of Iceland

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Golden Magic by MartinKrajczy

In life everybody tells you not to look back…look forward. This is different in photography. When i was driving up the first hills after Gulfoss in Iceland i saw some golden glow in the mirror of my car. So i stopped and looked back. It was a rainy day and out of nothing there were some holes in the clouds which let the sun come through . It was an unbelievable light so it took the time to do some shots. It was well invested because a few kilometers later i had to stop my tour and turn back as the road in the highlands was closed. On the right hand side of the picture you see some mist. But it is not the rain. It is the mist of Gulfoss. Adds another dimension to this waterfall if you can see the mist from so far away.

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[ … Þjófafoss ] by D_P_Photography

PLEASE view on black 😀

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Southern Highlands, Iceland, 29.06.15

Today I´ve got some super-amazing news for you! 🙂

I´m extremely excited and happy to announce my cooperation with one of my favorite Landscape photographers in Iceland, the amazing Iurie Belegurschi ( ) and his Photo Tour company ! 🙂

I´m going to support Iurie and his international team of amazing Photographers as Guide for Photography Workshops in Iceland!

In February 2016 I will co-guide two Workshops together Edwin Martinez ( ), Canon Brand Ambassador and maybe the most famous landscape photographer from the Philippines.

14.02. – 21.02.2016 Winter Aurora Photo Workshop

(only 6 of 12 spots left!)

21.02.16 – 28.02.2016 Ice Cave and Northern Lights Winter Photography Tour

I´m honored to work with such amazing and inspiring photographers and are really looking forward to this amazing expericence!

If you like to join our arctic adventure feel free to click on the links above 🙂

Have a nice evening everybody!



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Promised Land by StefanHefele

“Promised Land” – Assynt – Scotland

The view from Suilven was even more fascinating than the ascent itself. After a spooky, foggy night on the ridges of the mountain we had a short blast of light in the morning. Only seconds. But enough time to keep the memory forever.

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Highland Myth by StefanHefele

“Highland Myth” – Scotland

Back to Scotland: Many legends and stories are born in the Scottish Highlands. While hiking in the wilderness this myth was omnipresent. Here I was again fascinated by the ever-changing play of light on the green hills. For me this was a perfect moment to pause and wait for the best mood.


Prints and licensing available.

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[ … frostastaðavatn ] by D_P_Photography

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Today I´d like to show you my first processed panorama from my latest tour to Iceland.

On 27.06.15 I´ve received the message that the Highland F-Road F208 was finally opened… Unfortunately I´ve stayed in north Iceland at this point in time, 500 km away, a 8-9 hours ride… But there was no other option than driving down to Landmannalaugar 😀

It was the best possible decision, I´ve arrived as one of the first visitors in 2015 without tons of tourists arround, something really unique…

The sunset / sunrise was simply amazing this night, 3 hours of freaking good light.

I hope you like it 😀

Die F208 nach Landmannalaugar ist (endlich) freigegeben worden! Diese Nachricht erreichte mich am 27.07.15 gegen 13 Uhr in Sauðárkrókur im Norden Islands…

Für mich war sogleich klar was diese Nachricht bedeutete, war mein ursprünglicher Plan doch eigentlich eine Hochlandtour gewesen.

500 km und fast 8 ½ Stunden Fahrt lagen vor mir, von Nordisland über die Ringstraße und Reykjavik nach Südisland, da die F35 Kjölur Route über das Hochland ebenfalls noch unbefahrbar war. So brach ich um 14 Uhr mit dem Ziel Landmannalaugar auf, ausgestattet mit ausreichend Espresso in der Blutbahn und Energiedrinks im Gepäck.

Die Fahrt war lang, ermüdend und ich heilfroh gegen 20:30 Uhr Hrauneyjar, dass Tor zum südlichen Hochland, erreicht zu haben.

Nach Ankunft im Basislager in Landmannalaugar gegen 21:30 Uhr sondierte ich erst einmal beim Hüttenwart die Lage. Bisher hatte sich kaum jemand bis nach Landmannalaugar verirrt, die Busunternehmen würden erst am nächsten Tag die ersten Horden an Tagestouristen in die Region bringen. Ich hatte es tatsächlich geschafft, als einer der ersten überhaupt in der Sommersaison 2015 nach Landmannalaugar vorzudringen 😀

Gerade wollte ich schon zu einer Erkundungstour aufbrechen, als ich Richtung Frostastaðavatn ein leichtes Glühen ausmachte. Meinem Instinkt folgend verwarf ich mein eigentliches Vorgaben und machte mich auf den Weg gen Nordwesten. Mein Gefühl hatte mich nicht getäuscht…

Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch 😀

On tour mit FEISOL

© D-P Photography

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[ … into the highlands ] by D_P_Photography

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Fjallabak, Highlands, Iceland, 26.07.14

I was deeply impressed about the beauty of this area. In this moment everthing was just perfect, sunset, an amazing foreground, pure icelandic magic 🙂

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