The Power of The Sunset 133 by eriupad

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything”.

Katharine Hepburn

Series, with my friends Jontake, Wilko and Holger Glaab, continuous.
Place:Itzurun/Basque Country.

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Hostile Beauty by wilcowesterduin

As most of you know by now, i have been struck by a very bad foot infection for the last 10 days, already… Healing with antibiotics is in progress, but goes very slow.

This, the Basque Flysh at Zumaia, is the place where i probably caught it, when shooting with my 500px photographer friends Holger Glaab, Jontake and Henry Delarivière-Aldridge, in wet shoes all evening… Stupid of me, of course, having a pinched blister. Lesson learned!

Still crazy how such a beautiful place eventually turned out to be so hostile for me…

Please click on the image for best viewing.

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Guys! Stop moving!!! by wilcowesterduin

Photographer friends Holger Glaab and Jontake on a great fun shooting of the ‘Flysh’ in Zumaia, the Basque country, Spain.

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At the edge of a dream by wilcowesterduin

A get together of four 500px photographers in the Basque country: Jontake, Holger Glaab, Henry Delarivière-Aldridge and me went shooting the “Flysh” in Zumaia. I ended up getting wet all up to my knees for this shot, but we had great fun! Please click on the image for best viewing.

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