Reflections by the Coast by sorstrommen

Old boat houses at the coast in Bergen, Norway after a shy amount of snow has fallen.

I also wish to take the opportunity to wish a happy new year, and looking forward to a exciting 2016 🙂

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Vøringfossen Skjønnhet by kaizross

Lately I’ve paying a lot of attention to one other shot which was amazing, however it is time to move on.

This shot has a story behind it and I think I’m going to remember it for awhile. This was the day I returned from overnight trip to Trolltunga. My whole body was is pain. I thought this location was going to be very close to our tent but it was 4 hours return trip.

We arrived at a sunset time and the sun was going down fast. I realized I forgot my tripod and it started to rain. I was barely walking because of the pain in my legs.

When I saw this scene I did everything I could to make it work, balancing the camera on to railing taking few second exposures. It’s an awesome spot. Mother nature surprised me once again with its beauty.

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