rivals by WolfAdemeit

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Still standing by pjkrebs

White Rhino
“Rhinoplasty” (surgically removing upwards of 90% of the horn) could save rhinos. In areas where dehorning has been practiced, poaching rates decreased significantly.
Because of its regrowth, experts recommend that dehorning should be repeated every 12-24 months.
It’s not a perfect answer, but considering the staggering rates of poaching in recent years, it’s a good start.

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Trois Cornes by StefanHefele

“Trois Cornes” – Haute Savoie – French Alps

Fantasy or reality? At some places these opposites blurs. Unless you witnessed the magic with your own eyes.

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

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Icy Veins of Stokksness Peninsula by PatrickMarsonOng

Here’s another take of that one of a kind mountain in Iceland – Vestrahorn.

A supposed to be gloomy morning turned into a golden one. Lucky me! It was a cold, cold, cold sunrise!! Hope you check it out! Cheers!

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Trois Cornes by StefanHefele

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This morning was a blast. We didn´t expected too much, but there was a lot of dense and humidity in the air. As the sun started to rise behind the mountains the sky suddenly changed into a colorful canvas. What a wonderful experience to start into the day.


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