Oh no pathetic Sunset! by DanielHerr

Well well well!

I love the new 500px idea a lot. Play with the algorithm, play with copyrights (Hi China), judge those who pay for their PLUS or AWESOME account – Upload as much pictures as you want, risk to get lost in nowhere because your pulse keeps you down. This is cool marketing. Feels like selling plastic lenses as L-series.

Add a button in the cellphone app to do fast photos you can upload immediately. It is great. So I sold my dslr, I think a cellphone is great – nice weight, insane 8MP resolution. Maybe I will start with some more selfies. Doing some grey landscapes shots with me inside dressed in a sexy red jacket.

And now, have fun. ūüôā

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Morning at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes by JohannesOehl

At early morning shortly after sunrise the shadows are showing structures in the sand made by the wind. The plants seem to glow.

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Last Dominion Lost by DanielHerr

Deep view into a part of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Iceland and Europe.

The was cold light along the top of the mountain (around 2000 meters high) and I loved the game between those lights and the shadows around.

Ok, this picture belongs to the category “no compatiliby with 500px taste” or something like that. Maybe I am wrong but I dont care about that. This shot is one of my personal top 10 from my last trip to Iceland. And it isn`t just because of the beauty of the icelandic nature and landscape. It is a kind of warning too. Seeing what`s going on in iceland, makes me sad. Tourism and sensations above all – looking at Langj√∂kull Glacier, where visitors can enter an artificial ice-cave. For what? This mighty nature is so fragile, we have no right to destroy it for money and personal satisfaction. Everybody knows, all the mighty glacier are disappearing worldwide and it seems to be that most of the people dont care about this fact. Of course, I know and share this fascination of this incredible wilderness and I know, that you can witness the “beginning of life” or something like “creation of the earth” in countries like Iceland, but there should be limits. Every footstep we cause, will be there for years or decades. And we never should forget, that there is only one earth and many wounds will never heal. So, enjoy nature but never forget, it is not made for us.

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