Explore Your World by AaronReedPhotography

I very rarely photograph landscapes with people in them. There is no particular reason for that, it’s just not my thing. When I came across this “test shot” I had taken while setting my exposure and waiting for these two to move on, I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Void by DanielJGreenwood

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A little bit out of my comfort zone here as far as processing and stuff goes. I did keep the human elements in to give a sense of depth to the scene..It’s not quite often that I photograph a location in near mid daylight. This particular moment that nature had presented me with pushed me out of my own comfort zone as far as pre visualizing and blending multiple exposure like I normally do. I am often drawn to skies and fg elements that portray a certain swirl within them, this sky was just dancing and swirling up in front of me which was perfect and resonated with me well. For some reason the past three trips I have set out on I have been cursed with rain and bad weather. This scene came together for a few brief moments with this dramatic swirling sky. Lately I have been just relaxing and taking a break from all the 500px pulse chasing and social media nonsense. In a few weeks I will be off on my next trip with a new found vision. This vision is about connecting with nature more so then with social media and pulse chasing.

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Enigma by DanielJGreenwood

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This is a more creative take on Bow Lake I captured a few months back. It is possibly one of my favorite compositions I have ever photographed in the year I have owned my Canon 6D. With all of the elements coming together perfectly from sunset all the way to the middle of the night, I was able to previsualize and capture the elements needed for the creation of this image. In a few hours I will be on the freeway headed back to the Canadian Rockies to hopefully capture some amazing light. The last month or so I have spent learning how to use my new Nikon and I’m excited to put it to full use these next 5 days. Technical stuff on this shot. Photo was captured and created from multiple exposures ranging from sunset all the way into the midnight hours. I then processed the images using manual blending techniques to combine the elements the way I viewed them in my mind.

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Nature’s Calling by DanielJGreenwood

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It has been quite some time since I have set out into the great land of wilderness and nature. Today was one of those days where all thought it was raining buckets I still had that fire burning inside me that was telling me to get out there and explore. I set out to a well known and photographed location out in Whistler just an hour past Vancouver. This location is quite the little trek through trails and down cliffs using ropes. This was the first time I actually got to use my new D810 for more then shooting in my back yard. I cant wait to learn more!

Technical stuff.. Just a single exposure from my 14-24…Cropped around 100% …Wonderpana CPL filter

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Ectoplasmic Light by DanielJGreenwood

Just a quick photo and experimenting with a few new things here and there. I find that experimenting with things is a great way to learn over a period of time. Just pushing the processing quite a bit on this one to learn further and over time refine everything. I was pretty iffy about posting this one to me it even felt like a little much, but some good CC is always welcome on it to help me learn further!

I set out earlier today in hopes to explore and find some new locations with no general idea of where or what I was looking for at the time. I managed to find this Beautiful location deep in the heart of nature, about a four hour hike up a mountain which hasn’t been photographed that often at all. Its one thing I love to do is explore new places and take in all the beauty in the surrounding areas. I also believe it to be quite important to discover new locations as they have never been seen before, these types of photos are the ones I think have a great impact. I decided to blend multiple exposures and give my own creative feel to this image.

Technical stuff.. This particular scene was composed of multiple exposure, around 3 exposures for the foreground focus and 2 exposures for the sky. All hand blended using my own custom masking techniques and selections.

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