Portrait of beautiful sensual woman with elegant hairstyle by heckmannoleg

Portrait of beautiful sensual woman with elegant hairstyle. Perfect makeup. Blonde girl. Fashion photo. Jewelry and dress

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Portrait of beautiful young woman with bow by heckmannoleg

Portrait of beautiful young woman with bow. Brunette girl. Beauty fashion. Cosmetic make-up

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Time Measured In Sand… by LiliaAlvarado

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Sunrise with Venus by patrickzephyr

I’ve crossed this brook many times in route to other locations on the shoreline here at one of my favorite areas of the Quabbin Reservoir. For a few months every year I can watch the sun rises at the end of this stream. On this particular morning venus broke the horizon first so together we waiting for sun. Thanks for stopping by. If your interested in exploring some of my favorite places in New England send me an email. I have been teaching individual workshops for 20 years and I’d be happy to share my knowledge and some of my favorite places to wander. To see more of my work please check out my website http://ift.tt/1gTlY2q
canon 6D, 14mm Rokinon, F8, SS 15sec, iso 4000

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Portrait young beautiful woman with curly hair by heckmannoleg

Portrait young beautiful woman with curly hair. Fashion photo

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Portrait of young beautiful girl by heckmannoleg

Portrait of young beautiful girl. Fashion photo

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Sister and brother by SasinTipchai

Sister and brother bathing in cascade, Thailand

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Asian sexy woman bathing by SasinTipchai

Asian sexy woman bathing in cascade, Thailand

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Night Affair by StefanHefele

“Night Affair” – Azores

I felt like an astronaut here, 350m above the crater lake in the twilight of the dawning day. If you ever have planned to visit the Azores: Do it! The variety of different sceneries on a very compressed space is a feast for body and mind.

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

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