Still For A Moment !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This little fiery hummingbird was captured hovering before moving on to gather nectar. This was not taken with flash but in natural light but with a very fast shutter speed of 2000. It is truly amazing what these little creatures are capable of doing.

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The Zen Master by by_shan

The Zen master with her eye closed, I do have the next frame with a perfect open eye but thought this is somewhat unique… Please press “M” to see the image in better quality, hope you enjoy.

I am still getting use to this new layout at the moment, leave me a comment or two so I can get back to you, your works are great inspirations to me, my dear friends!

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Just A Little Ticked Off !!!!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is an image of the male magnificent hummingbird that was a little annoyed at the intruders [other hummingbirds ] that were encroaching on his space. He is truly beautiful and extremely territorial. If anyone comes into his space he is very quick to defend. Just an incredible experience to see.

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Beauty In The Garden !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This violet ear hummingbird was out early in the morning in search of his next meal. This species is abundant in the mountain areas of Costa Rica and so beautiful when touched by the rising sun. A joy to see and and a great subject to photograph. Their beauty just mazes me and what an in credible artist we have as our creator !!!!!!

Blessings to all this Tuesday morning !

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