Christmas dinner by dieujs

Hungary, June 2015
After several hours of waiting without a single bird having a nice attitude for a photography, I started to fall asleep. Suddenly, alarm screams from the birds woke me up. A fox was there and he gets straights to its pray. This goose was the only bird left who did not take off…
Finaly, it was worth waiting for that!

Hongrie, Juin 2015
Après plusieurs heures d’attente sans la moindre attitude intérressante à photographier, je finis par somnoler. Puis des cris d’alarme sont lancés par des hérons. Un renard est là, et il court droit sur la seule oie qui ne s’est pas envolée… Finalement, la matinée est exceptionnelle!

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First kill at sunrise ! by Zahran_CR

Pied Kingfisher from Pakistan.

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Hope you like it 🙂
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Final Leap by WimvandenHeever

This years WPY image.
What a privileged it was to go back for the awards in London.

I had followed this female Leopard for days trying desperately to hunt. She was most unusual using the vast open plains in Etosha to hunt and stalk her prey. What was even more amazing was how short the grass was that she was hunting in. This morning after missing her first hunt due to a change in wind direction I watcher the leopard disappear in the short grass with an approaching big male Springbok ram. I could not believe my eyes when she launched herself only just managing to catch the Springbok in what can only be described as an amazing feat of agility and strength.

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I Say Jump, You Say ‘How High?’ (jumping red fox) by RoeselienRaimond | Blog | Facebook
Juvenile red fox doing a perfect mouse pounce… (yes, she actually caught something :D)

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