The Big One by stiann

On the way to Store Skagastølstind, commonly dubbed The Big One. This peak is part of the Hurrungane mountain range found in western Norway.

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Home of the Giants by stiann

In this landscape the fjord areas of western Norway transitions into the high mountains of Jotunheimen, by any measure the most spectacular mountain range in Norway and home to the tallest peaks in Northern Europe. The name Jotunheimen stems from Norwegian folklore and roughly translates into “Home of the Jotuns”, “Jotuns” being giants or the largest type of troll. Not the modern internet ones though. The trolls roaming around here are of the kind you really really don’t want to run into!

As seen in the foreground, these mountains are completely covered by boulders left behind by glaciers of various ice ages. There isn’t a level surface to be found anywhere and of course there’s no vegetation because of altitude. It’s definitely not the place to bring a tent and it takes time to move around because of the terrain. To the left you can see Store Skagastølstind, commonly dubbed “the big one” among climbers.

A mix and match of 46 images. The sunstar got a bit of a oval shape because of the way I put this together, but…I can live with it.

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