The Ceiling by TKMphoto

I’m replacing my most recent post with this interpretation of the same location that I made a couple of days ago. Better light in this deep portion of the cave, a result of getting to this spot earlier in a day with clearing skies, allowed both more control of exposure and more attention to the composition.

After letting a mostly nonexistent cave go neglected (by me) for almost all of this past summer, it has been so rewarding to make multiple trips to visit this special location in the last couple weeks…and I’m looking forward to more.

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Ice Cold by terenceleezy | Facebook | Flickr

Even though it was my second trip to the caves, I was still very much amazed by the caves. The sculpted interiors and the range of blues inside the caves continue to captivate me. The ice caves that I saw just 2 months ago had melted so much in such a short time that I could barely recognize it. The trite warnings of global warming and whatnot suddenly felt so real and daunting, when faced with the melting and ever-changing glaciers of Mendenhall.

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Deep Chill by ACWaddington

I photographed this ice cave on the Torre Glacier in Los Glaciers National Park Argentina. The glacier has shrunk some 150 metres since the end of 2012. I shot this on a scouting trip and decided to return a few days later, it was amazing to notice that even in such a short space of time part of the arch had collapsed. Rappelling into the cave was a worrying but exhilarating experience. If you like this image please look at my Amber Room shot adjacent to this one. I feel the two compliment each other quite well.

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Frozen in Time by EliaLocardi

First of all, a huge thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to my new video tutorial on! I really appreciate the awesome feedback and support! 😀

Out of 10 days we spent in Iceland while filming the Photographing The World video series, having the opportunity to explore this exquisite ice cave was one of the highlights of the entire trip.

To learn how I shot and post-processed this image from start to finish and see the before and after comparison, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video by visiting:

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Outward Bound by MAPhoto

After this week I am traveling for 14 weeks continuously, so I figure I’d better share a couple more now while I have the time. This unique view looking out from inside of a glacial ice cave while standing in rushing water was a type of image I’d always wanted to capture as well as what this place offered me. This location, deep in Alaska’s coastal mountains was where we spent several days and the unnamed peak in the background became a great subject when combined with the awesome light and skies we enjoyed. I hope you like this perspective as much as I do! Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

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Ice Cave Asana by tobyharriman

*Ice Cave Asana*
Today is our last day in Alaska. Can’t believe this 2 month trip is finally ending, it went by so fast yet looking back at the beginning feels like years ago.
After over 35 nights in a tent, 25 hitch hiking experiences, 50 or so freeze dried meals, and tons of bars, I am definitely ready for a break, my bed and more consistent meals and showers. And not carrying a crazy heavy pack every day!
If I had to pick a favorite part of this trip it wouldn’t be where we went or what we saw, but the incredibly awesome people we connected with along the way, took us in and even become friends with. You can’t trade that experience. The hospitality up here is top notch and we thank you for making our trip above and beyond what we expected. So thanks a million Jussi, Andrew, Andrea, Heather, Brandon, Billy, Colleen, Mik, Alasdair, Dan, Patrick for the friendship, laughter, and company! We’ll be back.
The photo attached is something I had my eye on before coming to Alaska. Ice Caves! Juneau has so much to offer, thanks to Adventure Flow for showing us around.
Now… back to the Bay!
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