Morning Sun on Crowfoot Mountain by lougheed

Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

The early morning sun lights the slopes of Crowfoot Mountain. The mountain and the fluffy clouds floating by are reflected in the misty waters of Bow Lake.

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Mt. Victoria and Lake Louise, Banff Ntl Park, AB by srubey

On this particularly chilly morning last October, the sky was absolutely clear all but for a group of clouds hiding one of the main subjects of my photograph, Mt. Victoria. Thankfully, at the exact moment the sun crested the horizon, they parted just enough to catch a glimpse of the mountain and add some drama to the scene in front of me.

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Peyto Lake Sunrise by susanholtphotography

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Fresh Snow Over Peyto Lake by ZackSchnepf

This is 3 exposures blended together using my advanced Photoshop tonality control and multiple exposure blending techniques. I produced a video detailing these techniques, it’s available here:

Another image from my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies with my Photo Cascadia buddies. Big Thanks to Chip Phillips who knew about this spot.

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Ice Sheets and The Castle Mountain by PatrickMarsonOng

Winter is just around the corner. I can’t wait for that cool winter breeze and snow. 😉 Sharing this photo taken last December of 2014 at Castle Mountain. A -32 deg morning in one of my favourite place in Banff National Park. It was an awesome experience to wander over the frozen, snow covered bow river while waiting for that sweet morning light!

Guys, if you plan to visit Canada in winter, I would recommend Darwin Wiggett’s ultimate ebook guides – “How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies” Check them out at

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Always Look On! by tpoulton001

The stunning Icefields Parkway is probably one of the coolest drives in Canada. I mean that literally, since the two-lane scenic highway is named for the many glaciers and icefields along its route. It may be chilly, but photographers can thank those glaciers for carving the breathtaking mountains and melting into the stunningly, surreally blue lakes.

Driving the Parkway most of the day we stopped at Herbert Lake, then Peyto Lake as well as at a selection of viewpoints overlooking the various glaciers along the highway. We had lots of time to enjoy the views as the skies were forming up beautifully for sunset.

I captured this 7 frame stitched panoramic image on a OOAK Photography Workshop I was hosting with Sarah Hatton and Chris Collacott through the Canadian Rockies. It was along the shores of Waterfowl Lake, with Mount Chephren looming on my right. Avoiding the classic lake shot I found a spot amongst the fall coloured foliage that perfectly framed the view.

We have plans to run photography adventures again in the Canadian Rockies, The Yukon and Alaska, check our website for more details

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Out of the Reeds by tpoulton001

Pyramid Mountain reflecting off Pyramid Lake.

Ahhh…Jasper. I don’t want to return to my city life. Your sparking blue lakes, reflecting postcard-perfect Rocky Mountain views, leave me feeling calm and serene.

The Icefields Parkway, like the rest of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, was designated for its exceptional natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

It’s like no other drive in the world.

From sweeping valleys lined with emerald lakes to the dizzying heights of snow-capped mountains, the meandering 230-km journey from Lake Louise to Jasper has captivated generations. With only a short time in this country I’m already planning my next photography adventure.

Stay tuned for dates and more details.

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