Diamond Beach by christianlim

standing on this spot for about 1.5 hrs waiting for the sun to coincide with the waves… all around i could hear people screaming at the incoming waves…. great morning after two days of non-existent sunrise.

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Anchor Point by christianlim

submerged into the cold waters, taking a shot of this beautiful pc of ice sculpted by wind and water!

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Sex on the Beach by christianlim

Iceland, ended a great tour with new found friends with THOR Photography run by http://ift.tt/161CjZy, will be uploading some “not so usual shots” at least from the way I used to shoot the locations on our tours. Changing things it a bit!

This was taken handheld 6 inches off the ground on a pc of Ice submerged on the shoreline, had to do this very quick as one wave coming in would push this ice towards me which would basically be the end of me and my gear. Hope you like it!!!

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Incoming by christianlim

starting a tour this afternoon, clear skies and a level 5 aurora alert…. looking good for the next few days for hunting northern lights

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The MOMENT by EdwinMartinez

The component of MOMENT.

I think one of the defining components of a photograph to be memorable would be the inclusion of unique moments. Many iconic locations have been captured the same way in terms of compositional arrangements. One will stand out if he/she captured it in circumstances that cannot be replicated such as atmospheric conditions (unique clouds, aurora borealis, defining light, etc.). These moments are unpredictable and luck also plays a big factor.

Kirkjufell, Iceland – this mountain and waterfall is one of those locations that has been captured many times in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the best spots are always the same. But that afternoon, despite the gloomy start our group was gifted with a short opening of golden light. It painted the huge incoming cumulus clouds and also provided some theatrical lights.

Let me share that moment with you.

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