Anchor Point by christianlim

submerged into the cold waters, taking a shot of this beautiful pc of ice sculpted by wind and water!

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Crystal Kingdom by christianlim

how one day can change from the next, well in this case even in 15mins… managed to get some openings which I thought would last until sunset… it didnt!

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Lagoon Maintenance by christianlim

done on a new 4k laptop with no processing plugins as im still figuring this out… now have to rework most of the work since it seems the resolution tricks your eyes too much…

this is our companion wandering alone at the glacier lagoon, he wore green overalls and looked like a roadside worker the entire time, had a good laugh

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The Freeze by christianlim

blocks of frozen ice around the lagoon in jokulsarlon, for days the beach had no ice due to the wind direction and the lagoon stopping all the ice from flowing to see… was wierd… and amazing at the same time to witness.

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