Cold and blue… Fjallsarlon by jean-soula

December 2015, south coast of Iceland… Amazing lagon of Fjallsarlon.
Workshop Naturavista Jean-Gabriel Soula.

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The Promise by AlisterBenn

Taken on the last day we were on Iceland last a few weeks ago, this image has been one of the hardest I have ever put together. 11 vertical frames at 14mm handheld and manually blended, warped and encouraged into this 16:9 image. Handholding it slow enough to get some flow in the water was the least of the challenges!

This is in an area I have been exploring for a few years now, in summer the rocks are carpeted in a fragile moss and the delicate environment t takes some careful handling. In winter, with everything frozen and covered in snow it was actually a bit easier to access.

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ARISE by williampatino

A personal favourite image from 2015, captured in Iceland during November. I didn’t intend to visit this rather popular mountain but one thing led to another and I found myself standing before this unforgettable scene not long before flying back home to Aus. FUll story Over Here

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