Straight Outta Reykjavik by christianlim

yeah just finished viewing the NWA movie hence the title of the image. Back to Iceland in one week for the Ice and Northern Lights Tour with THOR Photography thru

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Entourage by christianlim

inspired by my all time favorite tv series… vince, e, johnny, turtle… ari gold fifth one on the back???? ring a bell? anyway some of you will get it 😀

take from the Ice Beach moving just a couple of feet in between shots, this is I think where I turned around for a quick sec and my gear smashed on the ice… clumsy… 😀

anyway its all in the fun of it…. didnt bother me one bit except for the fact that I had to visit the shop again to buy the filters

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Beach Bowling by christianlim

waves coming in washing all the fragments out could not shoot a bit more left due to all the spray and wind blasting all over the camera but had some breaks that were cooperative

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Crystal Kingdom by christianlim

how one day can change from the next, well in this case even in 15mins… managed to get some openings which I thought would last until sunset… it didnt!

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Ice Fever by christianlim

more ice shots…. apparently this is what ive been mostly been active on when in iceland… this november and december will be sure to take out the camera on the other locations…. when i can 😀

someone took my filter back so I was shooting with a couple of long and short exposures

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Lagoon Maintenance by christianlim

done on a new 4k laptop with no processing plugins as im still figuring this out… now have to rework most of the work since it seems the resolution tricks your eyes too much…

this is our companion wandering alone at the glacier lagoon, he wore green overalls and looked like a roadside worker the entire time, had a good laugh

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Fire Side by christianlim

small fragments on the beach had to go low and try to escape once a big one comes in to swallow all my gear, I was shooting 3x on the beach with no waders on and almost had a fever 2 days after.

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Bewitched by christianlim

another kirkjufell image so I can get it out of the way, northern lights at KP6 but the clouds were coming in and out, had to wait for a long time to get some sky into the scene. good thing I was away from all the people by the walkway which gave me some time for a 30 and 12s exposure.

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Seasons in the Sun by christianlim

lovely morning light on the black beach, wrecked a couple of filters, almost destroyed my camera but was a happy camper, had some really nice takes with the waves going back but I prefer it going front on this scene.

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Snæfellsnes Classic by christianlim

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Customary shot before heading up and avoiding all the people shooting from the bridge near the foss… 4 yrs ago we were visiting this place during sunset and sunrise with almost nobody there. now, even with wind, hail, rain and snow you’ll always see a car camped out there almost every night… I miss the days when we would just go somewhere and do landscape photography without minding too much about all the noise…. how times have changed. We should start turning back time then…

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