Colors Abound by christianlim

Customary to follow my previous profile pic ( post with an image form the location, though this one a classic shot from kirkjufellfoss, shot this during twilight as I was drawn to all the colors on the frame, then I was off to visit other vantage points.

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Water Flows Home by christianlim

Hi Everyone! Just finished an amazing autumn tour with Iurie Belegurschi Photography of

here is a profile image of me doing some hiking from the higher falls above kirkjufell during my extra days after the tour with my mate from the UK, Shaun Young.

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Reds and Blues by christianlim

taken during our ongoing workshop and photo tour ( with my brother Iurie. contact me as well on facebook ( for private workshop and new zealand tours.

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Black church at Búðir by YiannisPavlis

Black church at Búðir Nothing was going on in the sky the entire evening,( i was staying in the next hotel) everything was just dull and gray, until a tiny window opened up in the sky for about 15 aminutes..Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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Melt with you by christianlim

Photo Tours in Iceland

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midnight sun on the west end of jokulsarlon, had to scout 3 locations before settling due to the wind, bad weather came as the light faded, just in time to head back to the bus.

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The Freeze by christianlim

blocks of frozen ice around the lagoon in jokulsarlon, for days the beach had no ice due to the wind direction and the lagoon stopping all the ice from flowing to see… was wierd… and amazing at the same time to witness.

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Polar Dreams by christianlim

was a bitter cold morning in fjallsarlon with almost the entire lagoon frozen over like antartica, sunrise color lights up the scene with amazing blues and red-oranges all over the frame. once of the most amazing mornings I have had during winter in iceland, it was also very windy and you had to wear crampons all the way down as soon as you stepped out of the bus.

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