illusion by BeNowMeHere

What if Life is an Illusion? What if the reality is different? What we see, how we reflect, how we perceive….All different….

I took this photo in Florence when I went to see the “Ponte Vecchio”. However, I couldn’t stop myself to focus on my backside instead of the famous bridge.

BeNowMeHere, Florence, Italy, 2015

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Magnetic field resonance by lafuguelogos

Lafugue Logos sets/MacroFluff & feathersBlue syndrome
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Realm of Illusion by StefanHefele

“Realm of Illusions” – Carpathians – Slovakia

Is it just me or are you also overwhelmed at first sight when entering a forest. Numerous impressions hail down on you simultaneously. To filter this flood of impressions and transform it into a two-dimensional image is not always easy and probably the art per se.

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Elevation by Carlosmacr

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This image is specially dedicated to Aiste, Viktorija and Vytautas from (in Lithuania) who let me ride in one of their balloons. This summer had the chance to ride on hot air balloon. It was something i really wanted as i wanted to have some stock hot-air-balloon images to use if i needed to make any manipulation.

This is a photomanipulation made with my own stock images. I added the balloon and the birds to the main image (pretty obvious :))

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Esta imagen va dedicada a Aiste, Viktorija y Vytautas (de, que este pasado verano me dieron la oportunidad de volar en uno de sus balones aerostáticos. Hacía tiempo que tenía ganas de probar esa sensación y así de paso tener algunas imágenes de globos aerostáticos para “fabricar” alguna imagen.
Este es un fotomontaje que hice con mis propias imágenes. A la imagen de base le añadí el globo aerostático y las aves (supongo que es obvio :-))

Gracias por tu visita y que vaya bien 🙂

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Good morning – inception by colorkeung

The longer I look, the less real it is to me, it’s like she is tilting and sliding away, the whole picture is still moving…love it! Big thanks to actress/singer Janelle Sing to work with me on this.

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Dream on by Carlosmacr

Trying something different in my gallery, now that i am able to capture some decent milky way. Didn’t try with this image to make a realistic one; just playing with the milky way. Blended to do it 3 different photos of my sotck photos.

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Probando alguna cosilla nueva, ahora que puedo sacar alguna vía láctea decente.. Esta imagen no tiene la pretensión de ser algo realista… simplemente tenía ganas de hacer algo con la vía láctea. Lo hice fusionando 3 fotografías que había en el disco duro.

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