Serenity by P-ANilsson

The lovely Lidia Andersson in a fabolous pose in golden light settings at the wedding suite at Vår Gård Hotel in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. Cant help loving her serenity and beauty in this shot, she is a star and availble for diffrent modelling work. Contact me and i will send you on the way:
Cheers P-A

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Beauty in its purest form by P-ANilsson

The wonderful Lidia Andersson in a bodoir fashion shot from last monday. Hope yo guys like it and have a vote, she is a godess and i am blessed to shoot with her!! Cheers P-A

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Lucia Javorcekova Urban Sensualism by lokeroos

All natural light in this shot, no strobes.
Cheers Loke Roos

If you guys want to hire Lucia for a shoot. She charges 550 Euro per day, plus travel expenses, food and accomodation. Ask for email adress.

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Freja by P-ANilsson

This is the impression of the sun godess here in vikingland, Her name was Freja and she was in charge of fertility and death in the old viking sagas but she is even older than that since we have found evidence of her being around since the bronze ages. In this cases its the lovely Lucia that portraits here in the golden light.

Should be watch on black bakground in large size for best vieweng pleasure

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