DILEMMA by DianiRalph

I titled this photo DILEMMA due to the conflict between the awesome beauty of these magnificent creatures, and the fact that misguided superstitions are wiping them out!!
How is it that we humans are able to love something to death???
This photo was taken on a dark evening in the Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Many of you will recognise this as a part of a series and need not read further.
We had waited for a long time with this group (13 in total) when the sun suddenly burst out from a very dark and heavy sky for about 2 minutes during which I think that I took at least 50 shots 🙂
Tragically this group were soon thereafter decimated by being poached, and then many were relocated to other areas in Kenya for their safety.
Of the several times that I have been back to try and get more shots, we have only ever seen one or two hiding in the bushes 😦

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Tenerife. by lukas_petereit

Another shot taken at my first day in Tenerife. These rocks were really impressive in combination with the rough sea. It’s one of my favorite shots of this location.

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Vampich virgin by Vahlenkamp

Then he kissed her. At his lips touch, she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Valley’s deep and the mountains so high… by franzengels

… if you want to see God you’ve got to move to the other side.

(Barclay James Harvest – Hymn 2005)

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Drizzling dusk by Vahlenkamp

The darkness was about to descend, while a light drizzle descended. A perfect ending to a long sunny day.

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Quiraing, Isle of Skye by YuriFineart

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Taken last summer on the Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The place really is magical and absolutely breathtaking, if I could only visit one spot on the Isle of Skye it would be the Quiraing. I’ve taken the photo just before the heaviest rainfall I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, everything was soaked but luckily my camera survived. The mixture of perfectly soft and even light, the amazing storm clouds and of course the framing / location itself make this to one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken. The photo was taken with a canon 600d and 18-55 IS II kit lens.


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Flourishing fly by Vahlenkamp

Flowers flies or hover flies as they are also called, is a species-rich family with over 6,000 known species. These insects have many different rich colors and patterns. Many mimic bees and wasps, which gives them protection against, inter alia, birds.
This here found itself at home in the afternoon sun on a sunflower. A flower that they obviously like very much. No wonder, since it for the fly, is as big as a supermarket is for us.
It got virtually the entire store for itself. Well, it was not alone for long. Eventually some fellow species came visiting.

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