Devils Beam by eetschman

Well lucky me the commercial marketing team from Red Bull cleaned out the lake so i did not needed to fake the reflection of the bridge (so many leaves beafore) so i got the perfect autum shot .. ok some more leaves 4 day before would have been nice .. but hey the lake was clean .. little light from the back and the side . .me runun around was again nessesary thanx to my massive LED Lenser it was easy to lite up the scene

love it .. like it 😉

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The world through orange glasses by ReinhardMittermaier

My most favorite scenery is forest. I like to take captures in the woods and I enjoy the fresh air and silence in the nature. My images with the highest pulse so far belong to this category of images. I prefer to enhance the light and mood in the post process to transfer my kind of individual perception. I hope you like my new one.

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Indian Summer in Alaska by stefanforster

I saw a picture of the Indian Summer in Alaska a few years ago – because of that one photograph I decided to travel to Alaska in fall. 2 weeks ago this dream became reality and I travelled 7 days trough the Denali N.P. and surroundings. 2350 Miles and bad weather for 4 days but finally I found the one place I could take the one photograph I imagined. Thank you Alaska!!

Vor einigen Jahren hab ich in einem Magazin ein Foto gesehen von den Herbstfarben Alaskas. In jenem Moment entschied ich mich, den Indian Summer in Alaska zu fotografieren. Vor 2 Wochen war es dann so weit und ich konnte 7 Tage lang durch das Denali Gebiet reisen. 2350 Meilen und 4 Tage schlechtes Wetter aber schlussendlich fand ich ihn. Den perfekten Moment, am richtigen Ort zur richtigen Zeit. DANKE Alaska!

Nikon D810 – 24-70mm F2.8 – CIR PL – F10

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