Midnight Express by P-ANilsson

Been working like a dog this week, now its editing time for sending images to the Orvis Spring Catalogue. What do you guys think should this fit? Have a great weekend and cheers in the best of Borbouns!!

Ps. Best seen on black bakground in large size Ds

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Golden light friends…… by P-ANilsson

Sometimes in ones light one encounters the ultimate light. This night some 2 months was one of those times when nobody really wanted to fish since everthing was drenched in soft mellow golden light…. These are my my best friends in life and in this frame they all are in paradiso…..Nothern sweden is a place to visit, epic light!!

PS, Look in large and on black bakground DS

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The essence of flyfishing by P-ANilsson

Now i am back after some 2,5 weaks in the bush and this frame sums up the whole tripp. The flyfisherman, the rising fish, the smooth surface of the water, the reflecting skies and the thrill of the take. Tomorrow i am of again, this time to the south of sweden. Be well and safe and hope you all are having a great summer!!! Cheers P-A

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Midnight Sun by P-ANilsson

Time for the last from my former tripp to Jämtland, this is taken with my new sigma 35mm/1,4 lense without any filter, damn that little lense can handle flaring!!
This is a love tribute from me to rivers all over this world and especially to the ones in northern sweden, that i love the most.

This is my last post for 3,5 weaks or so, since i am going on a fishing and photography tour up in jämtland and laponia. Hope you all have understanding with the fact that i wont be able to respond in here later than monday. Be well and safe all my good friends in here.
Cheers in the finest of ales….;)

Ps. Happy 5 of july all my friends from the USA!! DS

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The birth of beauty by P-ANilsson

Since you like the last one, i try you guys out with a real macro of the emerging mayfly just pressing upp out of the water taking its first flapping wing strokes.
The size of the mayfly is about 35 mm and its shot on moving creek water in sunset light. Rather though shot to nail since one have to pano to get it sharp

As usuall should be watch on black background and large size to get the best view. Hit M and double click on the frame.
Cheers P-A

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Micro Cosmos by P-ANilsson

This is a macro shot of emerging mayfly that is about to take its first wingstrokes and two caddis cirkuling like moons around the mainplanet. Hence this shot is called microcosmos, it has that into the solarstystem meaning.
Sold this one a few times before but wont mind some extras….;)
Cheers P-A

Ps. Should be look on black background in large size, so doubble click and hit M on the dashboard for best viewing. DS

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Longing by P-ANilsson

My good friend Tyler looking out over and awsome sunset riverscape. Think he looks longing, is it home to Texas or just for big swedish trout…….;)
Hope you all have a great weekend, be well and cheers….;)

100% natural light and no filters, looks best big and black. It availble for sale either in here or give me a holler at panilssonphotography@gmail.com

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Smoky Golden Sunset by P-ANilsson

Back from the tripp, the water was hight, the fishing bad but the nature was awsome and the friendship perfect.
This was taken during the night when the boys and girls fired up the grill and the smoke drifted out into a magic sunset over the river. There is no tweaking, no filters or no alien skin on this one, real nature photo in all its glory.
Cheers P-A

Photo can be bought at 500 prime and should be watch large on black background. Thanks for all your support!!

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