Medicine Lake Sunset – Jasper National Park by ryan_kole

I took this my first night in Jasper. I literally just got back from a three day excursion… It was pretty awesome and just what I needed… Even though it has left me exhausted for numerous reasons haha.

Anyway… My plans for the first night were thwarted by my friend as he needed a lift to the Watchtower Basin Trail which is just before this glorious lake. Since the road re-opened, I wanted to check out what the Excelsior Fire did to this location… It is drastically different but thankfully, its still as gorgeous as ever.

I have taken so many pictures of this lake over the years… various seasons and time of day… This is my personal favourite. Also of note, this image is completely unedited in any way. This is exactly what it looked like at that moment in time.

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Sunrise at Patricia Lake by ryno324

Another image I took last Tuesday/Wednesday. I managed to pack a lot into such a short amount of time. I keep coming across images I had forgotten about haha. I’m sure I will likely discover more too!

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Sunrise at Peyto Lake – Banff National Park by ryno324

I took this July 1st at about 5am. I beat the technical sunrise to Peyto Lake which was awesome.

The entire time I was booking it to the lake, I was wondering if I was going to get any sort of view at all as the highway was covered in fog. I saw a brief glimmer of hope and stuck with my game plan. I’m glad I did.

I left about 45 minutes later when the fog hit the lake.

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