Pyramids of Jasper by adamburton

This morning nearly didn’t happen, we had hoped for some mist and reflections but when we headed out there was no mist anywhere in sight. Then, ironically when we reached our original location it was so choked with mist that we couldn’t see a thing, apart from completely rippled water just off the shoreline. We had gone from no mist to too much mist, and it didn’t matter anyhow as the lake was rippled preventing us from photographing reflections.

Resisting the urge to head back for an early breakfast we decided to head to the more sheltered end of Pyramid Lake and were super excited to see the peaks rising above the mist, and mirror-like reflective water below. I was almost running to get to the viewpoint in time to capture this before the mist caught up with us and the whole scene was lost. I needn’t have rushed, the reflections stayed with us and the morning just got better and better.

Shortly after setting up the first light from the rising sun hit the peaks, followed by some amazing wispy clouds that just kept making the view better and better. Some time later when we eventually dragged ourselves away and returned to our original location, it was still completely choked with mist. Several photographers had been there since dawn and were frustrated to have not seen anything but a wall of white.

It just shows that with photography, planning and waiting for the light is good advice, but its equally important to be flexible and adaptable.

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Mt. Victoria and Lake Louise, Banff Ntl Park, AB by srubey

On this particularly chilly morning last October, the sky was absolutely clear all but for a group of clouds hiding one of the main subjects of my photograph, Mt. Victoria. Thankfully, at the exact moment the sun crested the horizon, they parted just enough to catch a glimpse of the mountain and add some drama to the scene in front of me.

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Medicine Lake by John1950

Medicine Lake is situated in the Jasper National Park about 12 miles southeast of the town of Jasper It is just over 4 miles long and a quite a shallow lake. The lake is part of the Maligne valley watershed and glacial fed

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Out of the Reeds by tpoulton001

Pyramid Mountain reflecting off Pyramid Lake.

Ahhh…Jasper. I don’t want to return to my city life. Your sparking blue lakes, reflecting postcard-perfect Rocky Mountain views, leave me feeling calm and serene.

The Icefields Parkway, like the rest of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, was designated for its exceptional natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

It’s like no other drive in the world.

From sweeping valleys lined with emerald lakes to the dizzying heights of snow-capped mountains, the meandering 230-km journey from Lake Louise to Jasper has captivated generations. With only a short time in this country I’m already planning my next photography adventure.

Stay tuned for dates and more details.

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