FOR JEFF by samnsi

This one is for Jeff Swanson !!! You live in our hearts and thoughts !!! It was shot during my visit to Switzerland in July 2013. Thanks for viewing it 🙂

Please check out Jeff’s memorial page and the Melanoma Research Foundation website in the links below:

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beyond imagination by maxvuong

This photo is dedicated to Jeff Swanson who passed away far too young. A wonderful guy with such a huge and warm spirit. I hope you will visit his site to see his beautiful work at Jeff’s memorial page Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
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About this photo:
5-6 wide angle image stitch. Taken in a remote and fairly undiscovered territory with great friends Mich and Paul Rojas. Huge thanks to Paul for being such a relentless explorer and sharing his knowledge of these amazing places.

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Starry Eyed by Shainblum

The stars aligned for me on this night and after a week of fogged in coastline, I finally got an opportunity to see the Milky Way over Shark Fin Cove. The neon light you see in the distance is from fishing boats and the warm light to the left is from Santa Cruz. It was an amazing night, I hope you all enjoy the photo.

This image is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. I never had the opportunity to meet him. But I very much considered him a friend. Our online conversations always left me laughing and smiling. A year ago he passed away from Melanoma. We all hold him in our hearts.

Please click this link to support Jeff and Melanoma Research Foundation.

memorial page set up in Jeff’s honor

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