Chittaway Bay by jarrodcastaing

Happy 2016 everyone! A new dawn over Chittaway Bay, Central Coast, Australia

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Freedom by Dean_Maguire

After looking through my images of late, it was apparent that they were becoming too crowded and messy for B&W pictures (my opinion). Therefore with this image I slowed everything down and took in the scene with the main focus point in mind. This also followed over the post production, due to slowing the process down I was able to capture the right exposure and light so very little post was necessary.

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Sit down please by Carlosmacr

Now that i finally got my android work with the new 500px app… let’s try how it works (i have only read and heard good things :-)))))) 😉
Ahora que por fin he conseguido que 500px me vaya en la app del móvil, a ver como va la aplicación. No he leido más que cosas buenas de ella (jojojojo)

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Easy Street by RobDickinson

So this didnt happen. I shot the Jetty some months on a OOAK tour of the north island (Lake Rotoaira). It was about an hour before sunset. The stars came from Kaikoura a year before.

Two different cameras, two locations, two times of day. You might not realise this but you are seeing this quite often now. Its easy to do, this took me about 3 minutes in photoshop. Its much easier than planning and hoping the weather plays ball, making the long trip in the cold dark night, shooting this in one frame. That doesnt seem important these days though.

What are your thoughts? Do you mind if you see something that never (perhaps couldnt ever) existed?

Do you mind being lied too or are you OK with fantasy even when its shown to you as actuality?

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