The changbai mountain tianchi in September by shanyewuyu_100

Located in the counties of Antu, Wusong and Changbai in southern Jilin Province, Changbaishan is one of China’s nature preservation zones, covering an area of over 200,000 hectares, extending 78.5 kilometers north to south, and 53.3 kilometers west to east. It has a wholesome natural environment and ecosystem with world famous precious animals like Northeast Tigers, sikas, sables etc. It’s China’s typical comprehensive nature existence of world importance.

The Crater Lake:- It nestles on Baitoushan (The White-Head Mountain), the main peak of the Changbaishan and is also a border lake between China and Korea. Surrounded by 16 exotic peaks, the lake is the crater of a volcano, filled with blue waters, known as “The Heavenly Lake”. The basin-shaped lake, 2155 meters above sea level, and 313 meters deep at maximum, encompasses an area of 9.2 square kilometers. It’s a typical high mountain lake. The lake waters keep flowing out, without causing apparent change in its water level. The two white rivers of the upper reaches of the second Songhua River originate here. The inner side of the lake bank is craggy cliffs formed by rough-surface rocks and white pumice stones, which make the Lake resemble a marble bowl carved with uncanny workmanship. The surface of the Lake is smooth as a mirror, with the reflections of grotesque cliffs upon it in numerous exotic shapes.

  The Waterfall of Changbaishan:- The water of the Heavenly Lake finds its way out through an opening in the northern bank and at a vertical cliff, 1250 meters away, drops 68 meters down with loud rumbles. The Changbai Waterfall hangs in the air like a white ribbon.

The Hot Springs of Changbaishan:- At the north side of the White-Head Mountain, there is a group of hot springs coverings an area of over one thousand square meters. Two white rivers wind their ways among the hot springs. The right banks where the mouths of springs concentrate are shrouded in hot misty air all the year round. The springs vary in temperature, with the highest reaching 82 degree Celsius. The hot waters contain hydrogen sulphide and have high medical value.

  The Primeval Forests: The vast sea of forests appears mysterious and bizarre. No old sky-piercing trees have ever been felled. Natural-grown upside down trees are covered with moth, and young trees shoot just from the old rotten roots.

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The changbai mountain tianchi in April by shanyewuyu_100

Changbai mountain tianchi, fusong county, jilin province SongJiangHe, is China’s famous tourist attractions. This picture with 7 set the photo synthesis, late do color adjustment, warm tone treatment was conducted on the whole, did some light and shade of color changes in temperature contrast. Thank you for your encouragement

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