Ascension by Jkboy_Jatenipat

Salto Grande was definitely the prime waterfall attraction in Torres del Paine National Park . The powder blue color of its waters from all the sediment embedded in the glacier-fed waters added to its scenic allure. The watercourse would eventually feed the gorgeous Lago Pehoe, which was one of the prettier lakes in the patagonia, Chile.

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Tempest by Jkboy_Jatenipat

That day, I looked up the sky the whole day.The cloud shape itself into a strange form.

UFO cloud or “Lenticular cloud” is an unusual phenomenon.

I climbed down to the beach, expected to find a good foreground spot.

What’s in my mind is picture of wave clash on the rock and aggressively move around with the wind force. But, there weren’t any wind that day and more importantly, no foreground!!!

I looked around to find a better place for photos but seems the sunset is approaching soon.
I looked back and found lump of dead trees behind…

Without hesitate, I started to work on that location.

Drag out the trees and set a perfect photo location in matter of time condition.

Finally, I had made up my foreground. It might not a perfect one….But it’s what I believe it to be.

ps. Hope I could have a chance to make it better next time.

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