Dubai II by mahmoud_marei89

its a new spot from dubai , i found the great composition and i planned for taking this capture , i tried to keep it on the original color but i decide after consulting my friends to change it to this shape black and white color with a cold tone .

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Petra from above by julvar

Petra is easily the #1 tourist attraction in Jordan, attracting around 600 000 visitors a year. So I got there just after sunrise in an attempt to beat the crowds. I failed, miserably. By the time I got to the Treasury, hundreds of people already milling about and posing for photos. I was strangely disappointed by this, but had heard tales of a secret hidden hiking trail – rarely taken by tourist – that led to stunning views from above the Treasury. I’d dreamed of this moment for many years – ever since seeing Petra in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade – and I was simply overwhelmed with the beauty of this ancient archaeological relic. Here, it was impossible not to feel the energy of the past resonating throughout the hillside.

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Petra at night by danyeidphotography

During my mission with Nikon in Jordan, we wanted to test the new 24-70. After scouting the area & trying to find the right angle where i can show the entire story without cropping anything. Its a tricky here since normally in such situation i go for 14mm but here i had no option, so i have only one chance due to the limited time. I decided to point my tripod to the lowest point & frame at 24 focal length. Its a composite of 2 different images for the same time location at the same time

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Ascend Petra by danyeidphotography

On my way to Petra in Jordan, i walked around 2km in between the canyon, i looked up to the sky and i decided to compose my shot by showing the night sky & this beautiful geological formations.

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Monuments of Eternity by EliaLocardi

Ever since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to explore the world. I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when, but I was sure that someday my dream of traveling would become a reality.

A huge spark in that desire came from the movies I’d watch in the theater. In the case of films like Indiana Jones, they’d always leave me filled with wonder and inspiration to become a traveling archeologist and explore ancient sites like Petra Jordan. Other times, like with the Back To The Future series, they’d just make me constantly ask my parents for a hover board for christmas. And you know what? After years of waiting, I still don’t have one! But that’s a different story. ;).

To learn the techniques I used to shoot and post-process this image, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video with Fstoppers by visiting:

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Light Burst by Jordan_Ek

A fellow landscape photographer, Jeff Swanson, passed away from melanoma cancer and this photograph is dedicated to him. If you would like to support melanoma research please see the links below. Thanks.

Melanoma Research Foundation

There is also a memorial website generously hosted as a donation by SmugMug

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