Joshua Tree and Milky Way Panorama by WaynePinkston

This is a panorama of Joshua Tree National Park at Night, in an attempt to capture to feel of the park at night. This is a panorama of combined vertical images, taken with a Canon 1Dx camera, and a Nikon 14-24 mm lens at 14 mm, f 2.8, 20 sec. exposures and ISO 6400. there are 2 small lights hidden among the rocks and a larger light approx. 40 – 50 meters to my right. There a a considerable amount of light pollution around Joshua Tree. This creates aa background ambient light so the park does not seem “pitch black”, and actually helps to light the foreground somewhat. This ambient light is a very “flat” light however, and does not create a very pleasing look. The added lights create shadows and create some depth to the photo.

Thanks for looking. All comments are appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

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