Take a Leap…into 2016! by RoeselienRaimond

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I wish you all a happy, healthy, loving and creative 2016 and look forward to all the beautiful creations 2016 will bring, may all your wishes come through!
And thanks for all the support in 2015, that’s appreciated! 😉

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Joy by roberto_pazzi

Portrait of an elderly woman (Laos).

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Sparkle by limebluphotography

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”

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Joyful by SasinTipchai

Two boy joyful with splashing from bicycle, Black and white tone

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In the golden dust by VictoriyaBondarenko

Old women are fishing to feed. by Mingmuang

Old women are fishing to feed.

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Appaloosa horse run by VictoriyaBondarenko

red piebald horse run in the dust

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