Dawn by ArpanDas



You want to know how the photo was processed? From November I am starting to give Skype lessons about post processing. For more details please contact me through email dasarpan007@gmail.com or in facebook.

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The last glow by ArpanDas

The day was most unlucky for me. I missed the most beautiful sunset there. I went there to capture the milky way and ya the milkway was there and it was the first time I saw it but my D810 went inside the lake and I couldn’t capture a single image of the milkyway.. How frustrating.

This is a blend of several exposures. First there were 8 exposures focus blended for the foreground flowers and then there was another exposure for the mountain and sky. Also I captured them knowing that I am going to use perspective blending. I must admit I miss the most brilliant light which was there for 5 minutes before. However I came with this I quite like it because it has so many elements and drama in it. I was disappointed with the moon as it was captured with 14mm wide angle lens and it looks so small. But whatever overall I like it very much. I never thought it will turn out so nicely.

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