Among the best and the brightest by BenCoffman

*I teach my in-field and post-processing techniques in workshops; I just announced my 2016 night-sky workshop schedule Check my website for details*

This one’s from an early-morning jaunt to capture this scene at Lost Lake. Recent winds mean there were a lot of trees down in that area, which made the drive up (and even the walk in) take a little longer than normal.

Pictured are the planets Jupiter, Mars, and Venus (from top to bottom, over Mt Hood). The star just below Venus (the brightest object in this photo) is Spica.

Thanks for giving it a look!

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Celestial Dance Over Lake Superior by morganpt

The morning of October 11th was a beautiful one where Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury formed an arc leading to the crescent moon over Hollow Rock. Per my normal travel habit, I parked my car next to my morning photo destination so I would not miss the morning magic. This time just outside of Hollow Rock, which is just south of Grand Portage, MN.

Setting up about 2 hours before sunrise, around 5:20 am, I first took a series of astro shots and kept taking pictures from the same spot until sunrise. This image is a composite of three images from the same spot with a 15 minute time period. Here, you can see three planets and the crescent moon. Venus is the brightest object, with Jupiter just below and to the left, and Mercury is very faint as it is just above and a little left of the crescent moon. You can see details here:

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Drowning in Delirium by RyanDyar

One of the last nights of the tour I led with my main man Arild Heitmann brought us to some of the nicest accommodations of the trip (all accommodations were spectacular, but this place looked like a high end condo with insane mountain views) in which we could finally rest our weary bodies after a long drive across the islands… but then the Aurora forecast turned promising and sent us out into the night on no sleep in a foot of fresh snow on the off chance that the weather would break long enough for us to see the sky. One of the larger gambles we took on the trip, but it ended up paying off and we shot as long as we could until things socked in once more. Again, Arild’s knowledge of the local weather patterns and spot on Aurora predictions meant we had another successful shoot for everyone to be stoked on.

Arild Heitmann, Stian Klo and I are super stoked to announce two more of these tours, so if you are interested in having a freaking blast in the arctic you’ll want to check it out. Arild and Stian are the top guides in Norway, and a tour with them is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your trip abroad. Their local knowledge is far superior to any guide book or internet research you could get your hands on.

Anyways, I’m about ready to release a new post-processing instructional video. It’s packed with some unique techniques and theories about processing you may not find anywhere else. People seem to really be enjoying the videos and have had nothing but great things to say, so I *think* they are helping people… it’s been awesome to see the many before/after shots people have been emailing me. Be sure to check the videos out if you are into that sort of thing. It’s all on my website, as well as more photos, photo tour info, processing instruction via Skype like everyone else is doing, etc, etc.

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Lofoten Autumn Aurora – With Arild Heitmann
Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
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