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Meteora – Greece
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The meaning of Meteora means suspended in the air. Already when you look at the monastery can just get this feeling. Visit the area, five of them can be considered aligned monastery consists of a total of 6. This monastery has a path parallel to and over the road bridge was built later, ladders or cable car can now monasteries.
How many rumors that consists of here. The most widely accepted of the continent 25 million years ago, tectonic cracking crashes in the Aegean sea to the Aegean sea in transforming Larissa Plain water is flowing in this region, which can withstand the severity of the gravel around 100 remain open. It pebbles height of 100 to 650 meters. Over time, the Turks invaded the area, local bandits, thieves, is turning into a refuge for those who rebelled against Ottoman rule. From the 11th century the region is starting to become a shelter for Orthodox monks. The monks live in caves on the slopes of the giant rock before. Then they can be the end of a rocky plateau area reaching to the places where they feel safe monasteries are starting to do. Building materials necessary for the construction of the stairs and through the years, moving baskets. It is the first monastery built in the 14th century. A priest came to the valley from Athanasios this natural protection and asylum space is very appreciated. Just like us, thinking rocks “that the world is like hanging between heaven and here,” says gives the name of Meteora. An intermediate number 24, this monastery there are only 6 left today.
No need to go back to centuries ago than 80 years ago, so the monks in this monastery were living in primitive conditions, the monasteries, but by means of rope ladders or nets They’re coming down. Already in use today, this roller systems and networks for visiting the monastery you can see.
Views will be summarized briefly According to the ranking of the largest and Megalo Meteora monasteries built on top of the highest rock. The above-mentioned studies were started before 1382 by Athanasios and then completed by the priest Joasaph. Serbian Emperor, Symeon Uros entire existence to this monastery and became a priest can forgive this incident together with other monasteries in here have become the most wealthy and rich monastery.
During the second coming Varlaam get souvenirs, you get the presentations made quite modern inside a monastery. This is the first foundation of the monastery, simple and devoted herself to religion and worship Varlaam thrown by the priest writes. In operation since 1540.
There are two immediately below Anapafsas Nikolaos on the way to visit this monastery has, or will follow another path or I’ll be content with such small size also looking at the remote photos.

Roussanou third monastery on the road in 1545 by two brothers named Joasaph and Maximos built on the ruins of an old church. As location (staying slightly below) the most photographed monastery is said to be this. Today is managed by nuns. This monastery exit the way you came back to the main road if you catch the right of way along the narrow path is about 3 miles did you shorten.
Values ​​have Agia Trias, 15th century Dometius founded by monks. This monastery is taking the side of the trail when you Kalambaka. That’s why you need to return here when finished last visit to the monastery. Of the most grueling stage of the trip Let us also mention that this monastery. A small note on the stairs leading to the Monastery of Agia Trias surprise awaits you. This is from the James Bond series For Your Eyes Only” s where it was taken, series hero sail rope ladder climb to the monastery will immediately envision.
The most recent monastery of Agios Stefanos is run by nuns. This is also the only monastery is on the front overlooking the village of Kalambaka. The date on which the old church was built is unknown.
As I stated already open to visitors to the monastery of 6 cases but one day of the week to do maintenance, cleaning, etc … is getting off to. Some trails was actually quite exhausting. Incidentally, puppy would not go back this far to tighten your teeth and I would recommend you to see all the others at different angles from a convent because you can view. Whether male or female, short or long shorts matter is not taken to the monastery. Decolletage is already strictly forbidden. So for women and men at the door, there are clothes that will allow you to be covered. You do not want to wear them before you need to wear long sleeves. Of course, this situation is not the most affected groups of 65 + French Russian convoys going. Trip time 15 – 16 can finish around already starting to shut down some after that time. Hour 17 – 18 of about 10 o’clock in the evening you’ll find if a train will be in Athens or Thessaloniki will lead the way back. Will be subject to the same delay time, you never have to worry about.
When I got to visit this place? 12 months of year offers a different visual feast which form the nature of that season of the year you can go if you want to see. If you drop one more way that I’d really like to turn it into a winter landscape.

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Meteora Monasteries by DrougoutisPhotography

‘Suspended in the air’ (the meaning of Meteora in Greek). These monasteries represent a unique artistic achievement and are one of the most powerful examples of the architectural transformation of a site into a place of retreat, meditation and prayer. The area includes forested hills and river valley with riverine forests of Platanus.

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