Toward the Red Mountain by everlookphotography

Mount Bruce
Karijini national park

This is the scene that greets you if you arrive at sunset at the gates of Karijini National Park – It was a great inspiration , until of course we got to the campsite dinner shelter and plague proportions of insects shared our dinner with us lol.

Check out a video of our shots from 2015 here and as ever, if after prints and instruction, head to

The video;

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Canyon Web by everlookphotography

Kalamina Gorge, Karijini National Park

Of all the gorges in Karijini, this one is probably the shallowest and allows light in earliest as the sun rises above its walls. This particular corner featured a collection of spiders so densely packed in golden webs that I wondered how each one would get their feed! Shaking my mild arachnophobia (and not even bothering to call Marianne over for her severe arachnophobia) I climbed up to investigate this unusual sight. After taking a few closeups, I stood back and took a wider scene, or at least, as I wide as I could get with 24mm since I’m loving the quality of the images we’re getting with that lens! This is a blend of 4 images for dynamic range as the sun spilled over into the canyon section around the bend.

Marianne has also been putting together a new ebook about over 50 tips for the field assuming basic knowledge of traditional tips such as the exposure triangle, using tripods, GNDs etc. If you have read this far, I suspect you’re in the minority but I estimate one PER20 viewers may go past the title lol.

[EP field guide pre launch]

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