Forgotten Kingdom by StefanHefele

“Forgotten Kingdom” – Carpathians – Slovakia

When I think about the Carpathians I have something mystical and mysterious in mind. Like out of an old fairytale. No wonder, because the deep forests and bizarre landscapes provide good material for a mental cinema.

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Autumn Jungle by StefanHefele

“Autumn Jungle” – Carpathians – Slovakia

It’s the details, the light and the seasons that make a forest so special.

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Trollshaws by StefanHefele

“Trallshaws” – Carpathians – Slovakia

Wow, I´m so impressed from you guys and gals. Today I reached the 10.000 mark. Even if I go not only through ups but also many downs, it is one reason to continue my adventurous-creative work. Thank you for supporting my photography and keep it up. Just like these trees, which had to overcome a low to finally soar towards the sky.

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Realm of Illusion by StefanHefele

“Realm of Illusions” – Carpathians – Slovakia

Is it just me or are you also overwhelmed at first sight when entering a forest. Numerous impressions hail down on you simultaneously. To filter this flood of impressions and transform it into a two-dimensional image is not always easy and probably the art per se.

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Kingdom of Myths by StefanHefele

“Kingdom of Myths” – Carpathians / Slovakia

Most time I´m in search of fog. On my last tour there was no need for searching. I was blessed with dozens of foggy moods. That morning in the colorful carpathian mountains was one of the rare moments we were also able to witness some blue skies.

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