Gate Keeper by JohannesOehl

The name of the ant is Oecophylla smaragdina. This formicary was build by bending leaves and glue them togeter by using the silk produced by their larves. Their larves are used with their silk as a kind of hot glue gun. They are living by eating other insects or carrion. My Indian colleague was telling me, to keep away from the ants. The reddish color is a warning signal, that the bites will hurt very much.

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Ever-hungry by JohannesOehl

To be a parent is often not easy. The painted stork is no exception from this rule. When a parent is arriving the children start to moaning. It sounds really like the moaning of human babies. The are fullfilling a kind of dance and pressurise the adult bird until it opens it’s beak. On my photo you can see the tail of a fish coming out. After the adult bird has left the place, the children are immediately quiet.

I am back from India since a few hours. From now on you will see my typical mix of photos again.

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Flower of India by JohannesOehl

I do not know what the name of this beautiful flower is. I found this growing in the wild at the Bird Sanctuary near Mysore, India. There was no postprocessing for this photo.

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