Kalahari Stalker by morkelerasmus

A handsome male cheetah on the lookout for prey as the heat of the late afternoon dies down in the Kalahari desert, Southern Africa.

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All Males are from Mars, Females from Venus by chrishpetersen

Lions mate as much as 40 times per day. The two partners seem to have very different views of the need, and process.

One more time … After a brief cat nap, this pair mated for a 4th time in the hour that I observed them.

Mating frequency seems to be necessary to stimulate ovulation in the female. And while the Queen was the one who seduced the King, she seemed to have a very different view of the “required” procreation activity.

Photo title comes from the book titled: “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”.
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Exhaustion – Cat Nap Time by chrishpetersen

This Kalahari lion pair collapses in pure exhaustion after the “rigors” of mating in the Kalahari desert heat.

I wanted to post a “conclusion” photo to the lion mating series captured on my last safari in the Kalahari.

Many have asked if they had a “quick smoke” … No, but it was but mere seconds before they collapsed into a quick cat nap in the growing heat of desert morning.
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The Happy Ending Dance … by chrishpetersen

The Lion King appears to be doing his “happy dance” after mating, while the lioness seems unimpressed by the whole affair.

The male’s “mating face” is often described as a contorted grimace. Is it a sign of agony or ecstasy? Maybe both.

In order to stimulate the female, the male has barbs on his penis which dig into the female causing her to ovulate. Hmm … who feels that the most?

While the lioness’ face often remained stoic, she was most often the one to seduce him yet again for another mating session just minutes later.
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Passion Roars across the sands of the Kalahari by chrishpetersen

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it can not begin to describe the passion and sounds of mating lions!

This is the fourth post in a series of images of this amazing lion pair. A single photo can not begin to capture the fierce intensity that lasted less than a minute. The primal sounds of passion will raise the hair on the back of your neck!

I invite you to return for the next images in this series as the mating lions saga unfolds to the final climax.
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