Synthesis by bruceomori

A longer exposure softens the movement of waves, lava, and billowing steam at the Kupapa‘u ocean entry in Kalapana, Island of Hawai‘i. The dynamicity of volcanic activity is mesmerizing, as no two frames are ever identical.

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Solitaire by bruceomori

A lone drip of lava pours into the sea along the Kalapana coast. There’s hardly a sight in the world that can compare to witnessing the dynamic and creative forces of nature at the ocean entry. : )

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Sea Snake by bruceomori

Hate to say this again, but viewing on black does make a difference with this image! : )

A thin river of pahoehoe lava snakes its way to the sea at the Ki ocean entry in Kalapana, island of Hawai‘i. Compositionally, I hate this image, but I’ll take what I can get while standing on extremely rocky ground, no pun intended. 🙂

Shooting lava is an incredible experience… It’s a privilege to be able to witness destruction and creation meld into one dynamic force… Words fall short, but photos capture a bit of its mystical essence. Friend and business partner, Tom Kualii, and I, specialize in lava tours and workshops for the discerning photographer. Clients include some of the top photographers and business executives from across the globe. Prices, availability, and references are available upon request.

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