Once Upon A Time… by cris201272

Èrase una vez…… un lugar mágico, con una montaña y una cascada mágicas…..
De cuento.
Así me pareció Kirkjufell cuando llegamos allí, el segundo día en Islandia y el primer paisaje que podía reconocer después de haber visto tantas y tantas fotos.
Y tuvimos suerte con el atardecer que nos regaló.

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The MOMENT by EdwinMartinez

The component of MOMENT.

I think one of the defining components of a photograph to be memorable would be the inclusion of unique moments. Many iconic locations have been captured the same way in terms of compositional arrangements. One will stand out if he/she captured it in circumstances that cannot be replicated such as atmospheric conditions (unique clouds, aurora borealis, defining light, etc.). These moments are unpredictable and luck also plays a big factor.

Kirkjufell, Iceland – this mountain and waterfall is one of those locations that has been captured many times in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the best spots are always the same. But that afternoon, despite the gloomy start our group was gifted with a short opening of golden light. It painted the huge incoming cumulus clouds and also provided some theatrical lights.

Let me share that moment with you.

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Bewitched by christianlim

another kirkjufell image so I can get it out of the way, northern lights at KP6 but the clouds were coming in and out, had to wait for a long time to get some sky into the scene. good thing I was away from all the people by the walkway which gave me some time for a 30 and 12s exposure.


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Snæfellsnes Classic by christianlim

Photo Tours in Iceland

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Customary shot before heading up and avoiding all the people shooting from the bridge near the foss… 4 yrs ago we were visiting this place during sunset and sunrise with almost nobody there. now, even with wind, hail, rain and snow you’ll always see a car camped out there almost every night… I miss the days when we would just go somewhere and do landscape photography without minding too much about all the noise…. how times have changed. We should start turning back time then…

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The Mountain by MacClaus

Kirkjufell (Icelandic: church mountain) is a mountain on the north of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. There are many great photo spots in this area. My favorite is the mountain with the small triple-pronged Kirkjufellfoss .

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ICONIC JEWEL by EdwinMartinez

ICONIC JEWEL | Kirkjufell, Iceland

Most landscape photographers right now are aiming to shoot iconic locations, not just capture generic and stereotype scenes but those that are significant and recognizable by the viewers. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a positive direction and I hate photographers who say a scene is shot to death by so many. I think there are still hundreds no, let me correct this but millions of photographers who still haven’t seen or aim to visit these places that are iconic. I wish there is a statistics that would prove this theory.

Kirkjufell is probably one of those locations in Iceland that photographers target to visit and capture. I will never tire of this place. It has its own appeal that makes it photogenic. This is my shot of an iconic place with the right moment, the appearance of the northern lights.

I would like to share that moment, captured in a frame, frozen for me to relive the scene and to share the experience with you. For all aspiring landscape photographers, keep on aiming to shoot these places and capture them with your own perspective.

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