Swinging Barrika by wilcowesterduin

Barrika beach, Basque country, Spain. Tectonic plates colliding, pushed stone layers up vertically, creating a wonderful jurassic landscape. Please click on the photo to see in black.

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Barrika Beach by wilcowesterduin

Ever since i saw photos of the famous Barrika coast in the Basque country, i wanted to go there and shoot it myself. Two days ago i finally did! I met a fellow 500px photographer there, as well: Pablo Ocasar! Also have a look at his wonderful seascape work!

Although this scene is not what Barrika is famous for, I loved this angle just as much! Please click on the image to see it on black!

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Kostaldea Igeldo by wilcowesterduin

This is NOT a HDR picture! NEITHER is it a long exposure for a running cloud effect in the sky. NO filters were used! This is the result of a manually done technique in a single 1/10 sec. exposured shot. The sky really was like this. Nature had a sort of it’s own LE effect, this time! For maximum definition i set aperture at f/22, which gave me 1/10 of a second. In that flash i waved a black card in front of the lens, until horizon level, reducing the amount of light for a better balance between sky and the foreground. PP eventually was done with a combination of Lightroom and iPhoto. I hope you like it.

I took this from mountain Igeldo, near San Sebastian, Basque country, into the direction of Getaria. Please click on the image for best viewing.

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Forbidden point of view by wilcowesterduin

Last year, after the tragic death of a tourist, who got surprised by the rough Atlantic ocean waves, the city of Biarritz made this specific location a forbidden area. This time the tide was low and the ocean calm fortunately, so it was safe for me to make this long exposure from from this point. Nevertheless i still was very careful.

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